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On 6 October 2021, in collaboration with the Modern British Studies Centre, BRIHC hosted a roundtable discussion on the histories and legacies of Psychological ‘treatments’ for homosexuality and gender non-conformity.

The session featured Kate Davison (History, Goldsmiths), Tommy Dickinson (Mental Health Nursing, King’s College London), Katherine Hubbard (Sociology, Surrey), and Helen Spandler (Social Work, Care and Community, University of Central Lancashire), who discussed their research into the history of such ‘treatments’ and the traumatic legacies created by such interventions. 

The panellists have kindly suggested a range of readings and resources to help you further explore the issues and histories raised in the discussion:

Research by panellist Kate Davison:

Research by panellist Tommy Dickinson:

Research by panellist Katherine Hubbard:

Research by panellist Helen Spandler:

Other relevant research and resources: