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UBRacing, like many equivalent automotive racing teams, have been focusing on the move towards electric as Formula Student UK follows in the footsteps of overseas Formula Student Competitions. It has meant an exciting time for us as a team and for our sponsors with new EV (electric vehicle) related projects.

The first term typically consists of new member recruitment and design projects, and this season it was no different. A brilliant 300 people signed up to be a part of the team this year, and over 100 attended our welcome and departmental presentations, with many taking up projects or getting hands-on in our lab. We would like to thank the School of Metallurgy and Materials, Liberal Arts, and Engineering for their support, expertise, and encouragement.

New team members are not the only demographic we have aimed to improve relations with. We had the pleasure of attending the Festival of Innovation with The Bugatti Trust, with the aims of outreaching to the newest generation of engineers and inspiring them towards a future in STEM. It was a brilliant opportunity, and we are delighted to announce a sponsorship arrangement between the team and The Bugatti Trust!

In terms of events for our members, generative design training went ahead successfully, thanks to our sponsors Autodesk. Our team had the privilege of learning from specialists to iterative the designs of wheel centres and alike. A massive thank you goes to Charles Jones from Autodesk for initiating engaging learning sessions like this.

autodesk generative design course

We have also made progress on the development of a flax based aero package, as well as a new BPSD for the team – something we were caught out on at competition last academic year. A further thank you to our carbon sponsors for the knowledge and trip to their facilities to gain knowledge from their experts.

As the new year comes about, we’re aiming for a shift into manufacturing with a new lab space coming for the team very soon, plus many more exciting events for our newer members to get involved with. Remember to follow our social media @UBRacing on Instagram and @UBRacingUK on Facebook to hear more from us!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone a happy end of year.

Kat Sheppard
Team Pricipal, UBRacing

To find out more about UBRacing visit their society website.

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