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This term we continued preparations for our brigade by recruiting more volunteers and starting to plan fundraising. A brigade is where volunteers go to Honduras and design a water system in order to help a rural community to get easier access to clean, fresh water. This is just one part of the poverty driving factors that Global Brigades works to solve, with different chapters focusing on different areas such as medicine and law – this helps empower communities and supports them in becoming self-sufficient.

As a result of the pandemic, Global Brigades announced that in-person brigades would not be going ahead at this time. This meant that we would not be able to go to Honduras to do the mapping and calculations required. Instead, Global Brigades developed tele-brigades last summer. These allow brigades to take place virtually by volunteers being trained on the software and working with the in-country team over Zoom. This takes place over seven two-hour sessions over five-to-seven weeks, rather than all in one week.

We then considered doing a tele-brigade this summer and began to plan for this. However, after considering the number of volunteers who were interested in this alternative, we decided not to go ahead with the tele-brigade and rather wait to hopefully be able to go in-person next summer. We’re can’t wait to begin preparations for this! If you’re interested in getting involved please join our Facebook group or get in touch via email at

In the meantime, Global Brigades also offers a leadership programme which aims to help improve leadership skills. Some of the committee members will be taking part in this over the summer in order to be more prepared for the roles they may take on throughout their journey within the society. To find out more about the international organisation check out the Global Brigades website.

We have also been deciding new committee positions ready for next year and are excited to work towards our next brigade! 

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To find out more about Global Engineering Brigades visit their society website.

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