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Postgraduate PhD student in Philosophy, Han Chang, gives his thoughts on assisting at the recent Global Philosophy of Religion conference.

The Global Philosophy of Religion conference was held online by the University of Birmingham on 22-24 June 2021.  We asked Han to share his experience of assisting at the event.

Han Chang

"I decided to help in the Global Philosophy of Religion (GPR) conference because it would be great to have some working experiences in running a conference and also because the conference is related to my research. Maybe I will need to organise a conference or a workshop in the future? This kind of experience is helpful.

"During the GPR conference, I helped host and chair talks. I have become more familiar with setting and hosting online meetings, though I still prefer to meet people in person. I also learned how to facilitate and process an online talk. For example, I noticed that speaking a little slower can help calm me down and improve the participants’ understanding in a talk. Furthermore, people seem to find it easier to ignore the time in an online talk, and I needed to end it when the time was up. It was hard at the beginning to interrupt and stop a discussion, but gradually, I got used to doing it.

"My doctoral dissertation is relevant to the evidential argument from evil. I am personally also very interested in analytical theology, natural theology and some topics of philosophy of religion. Several talks in this conference fell within my areas of interest. I am inspired by them and hope to develop some interesting and useful arguments in the future. It is also great to meet many graduate students and scholars. Knowing that many people are engaged with these topics makes me feel that I am not alone. I am more looking forward to meeting these graduate students and scholars at next year’s PGR conference in person, if the situation is allowed."