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Professor Jo Duberley, (DPVC [Equality, Diversity & Inclusion]), introduces this semester's MicroCPD theme of Inclusivity and Transition.

As we want to embed inclusivity in all aspects of the higher education experience, so that our diverse student body are all equally supported to fulfil their potential and thrive, this semester’s MicroCPDs will focus on different aspects of inclusivity and on transition into and through higher education.

Students’ prior educational and personal experiences are more diverse than ever this year, as a result of vastly different school and social circumstances during the pandemic over the last 18 months.  Through this series of MicroCPDs we want to help staff understand the transition challenges that students may face, and equip staff with strategies which they can use to help students to navigate successfully through those transitions.  

The new Equality Scheme includes an extensive Equality Change Programme and an EDI Community of Practice, to enable ideas and examples of good practice in inclusivity to emerge from the breadth of expertise across the University. You can find more information about this in the links that accompany this MicroCPD.  Many of this semester’s MicroCPDs will help to share best practice, as they showcase effective strategies to facilitate smooth transitions and help colleagues to foster inclusivity in their practice. 

Alongside the weekly MicroCPDs, I encourage you to access the new University transition resources and also join the growing community of staff who have completed the HEFi Inclusive Educator course on Canvas.  I hope you will join in this vital conversation. 

Useful resources on EDI:


Connect Benefit Series - Transitions, retention and progression | Advance HE (