First year LLB Law student Pearl has spent much of her studies so far learning remotely. Here she tells us how she's found it.

Written by Pearl Wright 

I am in my first year studying Law (LLB) at the University of Birmingham. I have really enjoyed the experience so far, and have found the support and resources provided by the University to be invaluable.

I have included a picture of my online ‘set up.’ I believe it really helps to not have a cluttered work space and keep random items as minimal as possible!

Pearl Wright online learning image

Although there is a leap in independence from A Levels (or equivalent) to degree, there are many modes of support the University offers so as to make the transition less overwhelming. There are discussion boards for specific topics, which give you an opportunity to ask your lecturers about anything you are unsure of. They are quick to answer and thorough in their responses.

Additionally, if you would prefer to speak one-on-one with a lecturer about an issue you are having with understanding the content, you can book a Zoom meeting with them in their office hours. Please do not hesitate to do this, as they would love to help you out if you are struggling!

I personally found speaking to lecturers one-on-one about difficulties I was having immensely helpful, and would definitely recommend it. Pre-recorded lectures make your schedule a lot more flexible, and give you the freedom to choose what times of the day you wish to complete your University work.

There are also Weekly Group Tutorials, which are a less formal type of Zoom session, that give you a chance to speak about non-academic matters, and personal development. I have really benefited from these and have made some great friends from it.

Online learning can be difficult at times, but the best way to adapt to it is to leave time for other non-academic things you enjoy. It is important to stay on top of your work, but also to go outside and get fresh air, see your friends and keep your other hobbies and interests.

It is good to keep a diary of your seminar and assignment deadlines, so you can allocate preparation time and revision suitably.

Remember to take breaks when you need to, and speak to your peers on your course if you want some support or someone to study with!