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Students who apply for our prestigious Liberal Arts and Sciences degree (Y001) have the option to graduate with a BSc/MSci in Natural Sciences by choosing a high level of science modules.

You will be able to choose modules in a variety of scientific degree subjects, developing you into a modern multidisciplinary scientist, ready for the modern world of interdisciplinary research and an increasingly competitive job market.

You will enjoy the benefits of our prestigious Liberal Arts and Sciences degree, whilst specifically exploring a high level of science content. For instance:

  • We offer a uniquely flexible degree programme which allows students the freedom to pick and choose what they study from subjects across the University.
  • Our Liberal Arts and Sciences course is science-friendly, so you can combine science disciplines with those from the humanities and social sciences, or you can focus solely on the sciences, and graduate with a degree in Natural Sciences.
  • Our Natural Sciences degrees are accredited by the Society for Natural Sciences. This is national recognition of our outstanding quality interdisciplinary science education, providing students with excellent learning opportunities and skills development to prepare them for future careers in research, education, business or industry.
  • You will spend your third year overseas. We have partnerships with universities all over the world, from North America and Europe to Australia and Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity to experience life, and to study, in a different part of the world.
  • We also have a well-established Cultural Programme, which brings poets, writers, academics, scientists and other distinguished guests to speak to you on campus, whilst also taking you on trips beyond the University to theatres and exhibitions.
Society for Natural Sciences accredited degree

Natural Sciences, as with the rest of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is not a set path.

You can study multiple sciences in combination, whilst also having the option to study the humanities and social sciences. This flexible programme will give you a diverse scientific education, so you will stand out in a competitive graduate market.

The only mandatory modules are a 20-credit module in both Year 1 and 2, which focus respectively on multi- and interdisciplinarity. These modules are studied by all Liberal Arts and Sciences students. It allows our students to bring together their own individual expertise – Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences – to consider a broad issue from multiple perspectives.

You will apply to the standard Liberal Arts and Sciences course through UCAS. The code is Y001. You do not apply directly for Natural Sciences.

Natural Sciences is an exit qualification, which means you have the option to graduate with BSc or MSci Natural Sciences on your degree certificate, provided you study enough science content.

To qualify for BSc Natural Sciences, you need to complete at least 320 credits of the total 480 credits (120 credits per year) in scientific subjects.

The remaining credits will consist of 40 credits from the Liberal Arts and Sciences core modules, and 120 credits from the whole range of subjects on offer at Birmingham: natural sciences, humanities or social sciences.

To qualify for MSci Natural Sciences, you need to complete 440 credits of the total 480 credits (120 credits per year) in scientific subjects – at least 100 of these credits should be achieved at Masters level in your final year.

The remaining 40 credits are from the Liberal Arts and Sciences core modules.

This document was written several months in advance of the start of the academic year. It is intended to provide prospective students with a general picture of the programmes, courses and modules offered by the School. Please note that not all programmes, courses or modules are offered every year. Our research is constantly exploring new areas and directions of study, therefore some courses or modules may be withdrawn and new ones offered in their place.