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NODE UK-Japan Network

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) at the University of Birmingham and Waseda University’s Institute for Asian Migrations (IAM) have launched a new website for the NODE UK|Japan network on migration and diversity.

NODE (New and Old Diversity Exchange) brings together social sciences, arts and humanities academics from the UK and Japan to develop new knowledge and insight about migration-driven socio-demographic change.  The NODE website, which can be can be found at, contains information about the network and its members and open access working papers and policy briefs.   Also featured on the website are the articles from the Special Issue of Comparative Migration Studies, as well as video interviews with the editors and authors.

The special issue compares migration and resultant processes of socio-demographic and cultural diversification in the UK and Japan. Its contributors use a wide array of methods to examine different aspects of migration and integration from multiple disciplinary perspectives. The collection examines topical issues including attitudes toward migrants, racialisation processes, labour market challenges, law and policy frameworks, undocumented migration, transnational marriage, conviviality, international retirement migration, and refugee integration.

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