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We’re the LANS (Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences) Media and Communications Ambassadors, Charlie and Asia. We’re here to promote the course and make sure you love LANS as much as we do. Though we might be somewhat biased, we think we have the best course. You gain various skills and knowledge over your four years of study, which lets you pursue multiple interests and make you stand out in a competitive graduate market. No two LANS individuals or degrees are the same, which makes the department so interesting and engaging!

Students in discussion

Part of our role is to keep the LANS Instagram and LANS Twitter feeds up to date by posting about events, achievements, and other things we think our students (hopefully including you next year) will find valuable and exciting - so we recommend checking these out!

If you’re looking to join us, we’d also recommend joining the LANS prospective student Facebook page for relevant updates and events, as well as the opportunity to informally chat to ourselves and fellow prospective students before your course starts.

The student LANS society

LANS has a lot to offer its students: from our netball and football teams to our sought-after Cultural Programme. There are so many opportunities for you to meet other students and try out new things. Even in a digital world over the past year, our events have continued, and our strong sense of community has endured.

Our family system means that you’ll get to know people across the year groups; second-year students are matched up with first years so they can offer advice, chat about different modules and show you around Birmingham. Often third and fourth-years also stay involved, becoming LANS ‘grandparents’, which provides even more opportunity to gain advice as you progress. 


While everyone may be spread across the uni doing different modules, our hub, frequent LANS events, and student society allow us to interact. There’s almost always someone to talk to and there’s always coffee and biscuits in the kitchen!