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A man in a mask with a cape, posing as a superhero in front of a ruined landscape

Postgraduates working with Professor Lisa Bortolotti on Delusion and Exceptionalism have new papers in open access journals.

A paper arguing that clinical delusions have and give meaning, written by Rosa Ritunnano and Lisa Bortolotti, has been published in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, open access. The main claim is that delusions are not just noise, either from the point of view of phenomenology or philosophy of psychology, but help people make sense of their experiences.

A post by Kathleen Murphy-Hollies and Lisa Bortolotti on COVID-19 exceptionalism has been published in Open for Debate. The post is based on an article forthcoming in the Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, in a special issue on nationalism and irrationality, where Kathleen and Lisa analyse the reactions of the US and the UK to the first wave of COVID-19.