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In the first POLSIS seminar of the academic year (organized in conjunction with the REPRESENT network of scholars), two experts on German politics, Dr Isabelle Hertner (King’s College London) and Dr Ed Turner (Aston University) explained the results of September’s parliamentary elections in Germany to an audience of over 70 people.

Dr Tim Haughton who organized the event commented, “it was great for staff and students to listen to the insights of Isabelle and Ed who provided excellent analysis of the results and the consequences for German and wider European politics”. 

There are many more POLSIS seminars this semester including a special seminar on Britain After Brexit with Prof. Anand Menon, a debate on democratic decay with Prof, Natasha Lindstaedt and Licia Cianetti, and an analysis of the Bulgarian elections in a joint event with Leiden University and Temple University Rome.  Check out the POLSIS website for more details.