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The College of Social Sciences has developed a new publication and set of digital resources about Research Intensive Teaching. In the publication and website colleagues from all the Schools and most of the Departments showcase how they ensure their teaching is research intensive.   We encourage you to read the case studies as well as the background to research intensive teaching given its benefits to staff and students, which include:    

  • Encourages students to understand the importance of research within their own educational journey, and to critically examine this research, developing their own cognitive skills whilst doing so. 
  • Develops transferable attributes and skills that are considered desirable by many employers, a point supported further by the TEF Gold awarded to the University of Birmingham in 2017. 
  • Ensures “students’ own research can also make a key contribution to advancing knowledge,”with the University noting that there are many examples of student’s work being published in “top-rated, academic journals.” 
  • Benefits the academic, with teaching potentially informing or guiding further research, as well as allowing modules to develop organically and subsequently feed into future teaching. 
  • Helps students become part of a community of research-intensive universities, noting that, “active participation in this global network ensures that our teaching staff engage in and lead best international evidence-based practice.

Access the Bringing Our Research into Teaching publication and digital resources here 

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