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A virtual event, co-organized by the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research with IRiS and members of the UK Research and Innovation-funded Life Facing Deportation Project, will examine what is known about existing practices that foster rights literacy among and within indigenous populations and consider ways that capacity-building in non- formal settings can be created, strengthened, and made more accessible. It will focus on the cases of Mexico and Guatemala and their respective indigenous diasporas in Central and North America. The workshop will bring together UN Member States, UN agencies and programmes, civil society, indigenous populations, and academia to exchange experiences, review emerging good practices and challenges, and identify key areas for research, engagement and policy development. This event will be held in English and Spanish with simultaneous interpretation. Programme information is also available in both English and Spanish.

  • Jorge Peraza, Chief of Mission in Guatemala, International Organization for Migration 
  • Ariana Sawyer, US Border Researcher, Human Rights Watch
  • Leticia Teleguario, of the Mayan Kaqchikel community and UN Women Acting Representative in Guatemala 
  • Epifanio Moreno, Na Savi migrant and researcher for National Geographic Society
  • Martin Oelz, Senior Specialist on Equality and Non-discrimination, International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • Dr Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, Project Director at UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education
  • Rosalba Rivera Zúñiga, Child Rights Coordinator, Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI)
  • Ana Gomez, Founder and coordinator, Promotores de la Liberación Migrante
  • Luis Ángel Gallegos Rodríguez, Lead Organizer, Transnational Village Network
  • Yoloxochitl Marcelino Cano, Member of the Indigenous Immigrant Council of New York
  • Odilia Romero, Executive Director & co-founder of Comunidades Indígenas en Liderazgo (Indigenous Communities in Leadership), Community organizer and Zapotec translator
  • Dr Giovanni Batz, Researcher, Department of Native American Studies, University of California, Davis