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With students studying remotely their learning has become far more distributed, both physically and across numerous communication platforms. This means it can be difficult for them to demonstrate the skills or knowledge they would traditionally have done via a live presentation.

Through the use of the Panopto system at the University of Birmingham we can provide a flexible solution, enabling the students and staff to still demonstrate their knowledge and provide feedback. The system provides your students with the opportunity to record themselves presenting their findings hosting it in Panopto.

The opportunity and flexibility doesn’t stop there, though as they are not limited to using the Panopto software to record themselves. They might choose to use their own mobile phone or other device to record themselves, they can then upload the video to Panopto.

This means they could record themselves giving a virtual conference presentation on their specialist subject, or maybe recording their experiences on a field trip. They might be able to video themselves demonstrating a practical skill or answering a series of mock interview questions. The possibilities are endless for formative or summative work.  The Panopto site has case studies Offering  ideals and experiences from other users.

Obviously getting the content into the system is only part of the story with teaching staff wanting to provide feedback. Here Canvas assignment tool and Speedgrader can help with the tutors able to review these recordings and via Canvas Speedgrader provide feedback.

If you want to find out more about how Panopto or Canvas can be used there is a dedicated HEFi Gateway courses the Panopto focused one can be found here

Panopto site case studies