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LANS has secured funding from EUniWell, a consortium of European universities that aims to help cope with the severe and multifold impact of the Covid crisis on our collective and individual wellbeing and societal development. 

Together with the Linnaeus University (Sweden) and the University of Cologne (Germany), we will be running a project on “Civic Leadership to improve Social Well-Being – Embedding innovative & intercultural civic leadership approaches in Enterprise Education”. In the next year, we will share best practice with our partners and develop a digital platform, which fosters civic leadership opportunities in cooperation with community stakeholders. For LANS this will feed into the creation of a new Year in Civic Leadership, which will serve as an alternative to the Year Abroad!

This week’s cultural event is a Lyric Writing Workshop with Maverick Sounds, on Wednesday 24 March, 4 - 5:30pm. Maverick Sounds are a team of musician experts that deliver music programs to the hardest to reach men, women and young people in prisons across the UK. With 10 years’ experience and expertise in music production, they use their skills to impact learners in a positive way.  We are currently in Week 8 of semester 2, and our Easter break begins on Friday.  We won’t be running any Cultural Programme events until we return for week 9 (22 April).

In other news… There will be a launch event this week for any West Midlands-based students and graduates who would like to work on real-life challenges set by local and large-scale organisations…  The University is offering Virtual Internships and bursaries for unpaid work experience…