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This week Year 1 are presenting their From Research To Policy projects (discussed in our new modules video) – we wish you luck and hope that the panellists invited help you to shape your campaigns further!

LANS is currently advertising a Sustainability Ambassador.  This is a new role that will be filled by a LANS student; the ambassador will promote sustainability within LANS, working collaboratively with students across all year groups, and leading on the development and delivery of sustainability initiatives and events.  This will be a paid role and the ambassador will work with Dr Julian Paenke, our academic Sustainability lead, who recently set up the Sustainability Major at the university, which is only an option for LANS students.

Related to this, LANS is working to establish its own Green Impact Team, which will look at LANS’ carbon footprint.  The new Sustainability Major will have a key role in setting up this group.  However, we are holding an information session this week.

Before the pandemic hit, LANS would run tea and biscuits in the hub every Monday afternoon.  This was a chance for staff and students to chat over tea, coffee, and a lot of biscuits.  It’s just been announced that Tea and Biscuits is back and is being organised by the LANS Student Society (LANS Soc).  LANS Soc has also been holding Zoom study sessions for students to work silently together.

Would you like to join in our Cultural Programme?  Normally, events on our Cultural Programme would involve us going to theatres, galleries, concert halls, sports venues, etc.  Because we’re running them online, this has given us an opportunity to make some tickets available on certain events to offer holders.  This year’s Cultural Programme has been organised around the theme of Ruptures.

This week: sharing experiences of social activitism (with Narku Laing, Lucy Ellinson, and Matt Lloyd).  Tuesday 9 March, from 3.30pm-5pm (sorry for the short notice).  A panel of three social activitists will discuss topics such as: how to make a change; how to get started; how to get a voice; how to get momentum; how to get stakeholders on board.

Next week: how to communicate science now.  It has never been more important for scientists, and all of us, to be able to explain our ideas and difficult concepts to our families, the public or the press. To talk us, and answer your questions on,  how they do this we have four speakers who communicate science to all different walks of life.

If you’re interested in attending either event, please contact Julian Paenke at