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It has been a little while since the Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering Society (EESE) has been active. But now we have a new opportunity to learn, socialise and trailblaze! 

The EESE society is a group of students at the University of Birmingham dedicated to hosting both fun and professional events throughout the year to promote socialising with likeminded individuals. Our society is made up of incoming and returning students, with a great support network across the year groups. All students are welcome to our events regardless of what course you study; we are passionate about opening up opportunities for those who might otherwise not participate in electronics and engineering. 

Our goals are not only to bring you the best talks, experts and discussions, but also to focus on creating a social environment where people are free to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Some of our plans for this year include:

  • Talks from industry experts on a range of topics from state-of-the-art technology to trends in the industry
  • Career fairs, placement guidance events and mentoring sessions to help you feel prepared for the job market and give you the tools you need to find the job that suits you
  • A day dedicated to women in engineering, with the chance to meet and network with female experts from the field. We want to bring awareness to the lack of diversity in engineering while also boosting participation of our female peers
  • Opportunities for hands-on experience with electronic kits and tools to prepare you for future endeavours
  • Hackathons where you will have a chance to polish your programming and hardware skills by competing with others
  • Excursions to state-of-the-art electronic laboratories where you can discover the latest and greatest in technology whilst also getting a glimpse into the kind of labs you might work in one day
  • Meet-and-greet with postgraduates where you will have the opportunity to discuss course opportunities and project ideas

And many more!

The EESE society also appreciates the importance of the social aspect of university and we want make sure we're giving you opportunities to make your time at university the best it can be! Not only do we hope this helps you establish lifelong friendships, but also gives you a way to organise study groups, network with peers and establish support systems.

Some of our planned social events include:

  • Regular football and netball matches (all genders welcome!)
  • Day trips out
  • Quiz competitions
  • Joint socials with other engineering societies
  • Visits to famous museums including Bletchley Park
  • Online gaming sessions

As a member of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering Society, you will not only have a support system of likeminded students, but there will also be a number of other additional benefits. Some of these include exclusive meet-and-greets with industry professionals, discounts on society merchandise, and awards and prizes given to members throughout the year including electronic kits, a chance to observe field experiments involving state-of-the-art-equipment, and custom merchandise.

Getting excited? Want to learn more? Come see us at welcome week where you will get just a small taste of the kind of fun the EESE society has to offer! Meet the current society members as well as potential members just like you and see for yourself the inclusive and diverse environment of EESE.

Our new committee members for 2021-22 are:

  • Harmeet Doal – President/Chair
  • Anum Pirkani – Secretary
  • Ahmed Sweillam – Treasurer
  • Karun Dhindsa – Industrial Representative
  • Nihal Edres Uthman Ali – Social Secretary
  • Ben Nicholas – Sports Representative

We look forward to seeing you soon. Let’s trailblaze together!


To find out more about EESE Soc visit their society website.

There are 41 student groups in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. To learn more about their projects and activities head to the EPS Societies homepage.