May 2011 In the News


May's News

 Russell Beale blogs for the Birmingham Post on what the growth of Twitter and other social media means for media and the law.

With digital media accessible to all, allowing almost anyone to communicate anything to the world, laws protecting things such as copyright, privacy, and free speech need to be reframed into fundamental principles that vast majorities can agree on. Prof Russell Beale (24 May)

People who eat meals while distracted consume far more unhealthy snack food afterwards than those who are paying close attention to what they eat. According to new research by Birmingham psychologists, featured in the Sunday Telegraph

"When we are making decisions about what we are going to eat, we are unconsciously factoring in information from our memories about what our last meal was. If you interrupt that process by being distracted then you will see effects on the amount consumed." Dr Suzanne Higgs, Psychology (16 May)

Research suggesting that IVF doctors should aim to retrieve around 15 eggs from a woman's ovaries in a single cycle for the best chance of achieving a live birth was featured across the world's press including: Reuters, Chicago Tribune and the Shanghai Daily

"A standard stimulation should aim for 10-15 eggs, and we believe this is what is associated with the best IVF outcomes. When the egg number exceeds 20, the risk of OHSS becomes high." Dr Arri Coomarasamy (11 May) 

Dr Russell Beale was interviewed for BBC Radio 4's Costing the Earth about a new multi-million pound project to engage teenagers in tackling energy consumption and climate change.

Just chucking technology at a problem won't solve anything. What need to do is engage people with the issues, there's an educational aspect in that we have to get them o be aware of what they can do to save energy but perhaps more importantly to alter their energy behaviour." Dr Russell Beale (5 May)

Birmingham's new alumni mentoring scheme giving students support through one-to-one mentoring with high profile alumni was featured in the Birmingham Post.

 At a time when employability is so high on the student agenda, it is great that the University’s alumni can apply their mentoring skills to help Birmingham undergraduates. Cilla Snowball CBE

(2nd May) Professor Scott Lucas was interviewed by the BBC News Channel, Al Jazeera and several other BBC radio stations about the political fallout from the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Scott's comments wre picked up in a range of print media including Time magazine.

' Many Americans will simply be relieved because in many ways this man (Bin Laden) has been a symbolic presence, a bogey man ever since 9/11. Prof ScottLucas (2 May)