The Bramall BE Festival: What Brexit means for a progressive performing arts sector?

Bramall Music Building
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Performance
Thursday 5th May 2016 (19:00)
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EU Referendum: In or Out?

An array of European talent will be taking to the Bramall stage as part of the popular  BEST of BE Festival Tour in May, concluding with a live EU debate. BEST of BE Festival is an annual tour of performances that  transcend cultural, linguistic and artistic boundaries finding unique ways at which to engage and involve audiences.

Taking place on Thursday 05 May at 7pm,  those attending the BE Festival at the Bramall will then have the opportunity to take part in a post-performance Q&A regarding the forthcoming EU referendum , discussing the subject; 'Is the EU essential for a progressive and evolving performing arts scene in Europe?'

The Q and A aims to discuss a specific aspect of the European debate. Specifically what lies ahead for UK and European arts, artists and audiences in the event of a Brexit post referendum (June 23). Would a Brexit have a knock on effect to other artists living out of the UK but in Europe? How important is the union between one country and another when it comes to creating new collaborative work and touring? What is the cultural meaning of 'European Union' and why is it important? Will it be weakened after a Brexit? What about European funding?

The panel will be chaired by the University of Birmingham's Shirley Ye, whose research and teaching interests include cultural studies, frontier and transnational history and gender amongst others.  Shirley Ye will be joined by performers and directors from across Europe, including;

  • Carlota Gaviño
  • Marco Chevenier
  • Darragh McLoughlin
  • Miguel Oyarzun
  • Isla Aguilar

The debate will address the impact of a 'leave' outcome on the performing arts sector and will specifically look at the effect on UK and European arts and its audiences as well as discussing the importance of having a union between countries when it comes to creating new and collaborative work.

Tickets and more detail can be found on the Bramall website.