Experts guide: Economics

Economics and trade policy

Professor Colin Thain, Professor of Political Science,
Department of Political Science and International Studies

Professor Thain’s expertise on the EU relates to the economic impact of staying in or leaving the EU, as well as the impact this would have on the UK political system and constitution.

Professor John Fender, Professor of Macroeconomics,
Department of Economics
A seasoned commentator on the economic issues relating to the UK’s membership of the EU, including the economic costs and benefits of EU membership and the economic issues relating to immigration.

Professor John Bryson, Director of the City-Region Economic Development Institute,
Department of Strategy and International Business
A seasoned commentator on regional and national economies, Professor Bryson worked closely with the European Commission on the application of the single market to services and worked on the development of the European Services Directive. His research interests include the emergence of knowledge-led economies as well as understanding the competitiveness of high added-value manufacturing.

Dr Tommaso Aquilante
Department of Business and Labour Economics
An expert on the competitiveness of EU firms and EU countries, Dr Aquilante can talk about trade policy, protection measures and EU subsidies. He has also studied the internationalisation and innovation of EU firms’ strategies in relation to productivity.

Employment legislation and youth employment

Dr Paul Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy
Department of Organisation, Work and Employment
An expert on the different 'Varieties of Capitalism' within Europe, Dr Lewis can talk about youth employment and employment legislation across Europe, as well as the different approaches to education and training, corporate governance, industrial relations etc in each of the member states.

Banking and financial services

Dr Huw Macartney, Lecturer in Political Economy
Department of Political Science and International Studies
An expert on the politics of banking and financial services regulation, with a particular emphasis on the City of London and financial centres in Western Europe.

Retail and marketing

Dr Pamela Robinson, Lecturer in Comparative Employment Relations
Department of Strategy and International Business.
An expert in retailing and international supply chains in the European Union (EU) with the potential impact of an EU exit on food prices, long-term contracts of supply, tariffs and duties, food standards, common agricultural policy and farmer subsidies; as well as the high demand for migrant labour and EU citizens in food production and processing in the UK.

Professor Isabelle Szmigin, Professor of Marketing
Department of Marketing
An expert in consumer behaviour, in particular the interface between how consumers, companies and policy makers interact. Her interests include European policy with regards to consumers and regulations around areas such as food content, labelling and EU agreements and protection.

Innovation, productivity and economic growth

Professor Simon Collinson, Professor of International Business and Innovation
Dean of Birmingham Business School
A specialist in innovation, productivity, performance and economic growth. This includes different, innovation-related strengths and weaknesses of British, other European, Japanese, Chinese and US companies. Research areas include cultural and institutional differences in business practices and local ways of doing business and trade and foreign direct investment (FDI).

Political economy

Dr Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Senior Lecturer in Economics
Department of Economics
An expert in political economy with a particular interest in public policy questions and how they are resolved via the political process. Interests related to the EU include political economy of EU referendum, EU integration, the migration of crime and the economics of secession.


Professor Andy Lymer, Professor of Accounting and Taxation
Birmingham Business School
A specialist in taxation and its impact on individual and business activity and decision making. Also an expert in personal and small business tax and international multi-national corporate tax.

Entrepreneurship / SMEs

Professor Kiran Trehan, Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development
Department of Entrepreneurship & Local Economy
A specialist in entrepreneurship, small firms and diversity. Professor Trehan is a key contributor to debates on diversity, and enterprise development in small firms. Also an expert on SMEs who are  reliant on European trade.

Labour relations

Professor Stan Siebert, Professor of Labour Economics
Department of Business and Labour Economics
A expert in labour relations, including comparative labour, particularly within the EU. Also specialising in wages, wage inequality, unemployment, labour laws (minimum wages, strikes, trade unions, labour taxation, employment security laws), the role of women in the labour market, and pensions.