Experts guide: EU and party politics

EU and party politics

Patrick Willcocks, Teaching Fellow
Department of Business and Labour Economics. Birmingham Business School

An expert in European Regional Policy; can explain how Birmingham and the West Midlands has changed as a result of EU funding. He was a lead consultant in drawing up the Local Enterprise Partnership's strategy for spending EU funds.

Dr Matthew Francis, Birmingham Teaching Fellow
School of History and Cultures
An expert on party political attitudes to the EEC/EU and European integration, and how attitudes have shifted over time. Dr Francis can also speak more generally about the salience of European issues for the wider electorate.

Party politics

Dr Tim Haughton, Reader in European Politics
Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies
An EU specialist in the broadest sense, Dr Haughton can discuss all aspects of the Eurpean Union and European party politics. He also edits the annual review of the EU.

Dr Sotirios Zartaloudis
Lecturer in Politics
Department of Political Science and International Studies
An expert in European politics and international relations, with a particular focus on the Eurozone crisis and EU public opinion.

Devolution and regional agenda

Catherine Staite, Director of INLOGOV
Institute of Local Government Studies
A specialist on local government and the regional agenda, including devolution, decentralisation and Combined Authorities.

British party and electoral politics

Dr Karin Bottom, Lecturer British Politics and Public Policy
Institute of Local Government Studies
An expert on smaller political parties her research focuses on various aspects of party politics and party system, and in particular, the changing roles and responsibilities of political parties.

Dr Matt Cole, Teaching Fellow
Department of History
An expert in British party and electoral politics. Dr Cole has written widely on political parties, democracy in Britain, constitutional reform and party policy. He has a particular interest on the impact of the EU referendum in the West Midlands, and is a long-standing commentator for BBC radio and television coverage of politics in the the region.

International politics

Professor David Dunn, Professor in International Politics
Head of Department of Political Science and International Studies
An expert in International Politics and a seasoned, all-round political commentator, Professor Dunn has written widely on international politics, British Foreign and Defence policy, transatlantic relations, US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.

Political Psychology and Public Opinion

Tereza Capelos, Senior Lecturer in Political Psychology
Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS)
A political psychology expert with particular interest in the cognitive components of political decision making, Dr Capelos also specialises in how specific emotions such as fear and hope, determine voting preferences and decision making. She can also talk about the impact of the financial crisis on perceptions of the EU and the impact of political knowledge in models of how citizens make decisions.