Experts guide: Health and welfare

NHS and health policy

Professor Judith Smith, Professor of Health Policy and Management
Director of Health Services Management Centre
An expert on the NHS, health policy, primary care and general practice, health funding and commissioning, healthcare leadership and management, Professor Smith can comment on the potential implications for the NHS, in relation to the free movement of workforce and staffing shortages. She can also comment on how the EU has influenced policy on junior doctors’ working hours, shift patterns and how it has affected change in medical and other professionals’ training in line with other EU countries.

Young carers and family care

Professor Mark Exworthy, Professor of Health Policy and Management
Health Services Management Centre
A specialist in medical tourism, professions, health policy and international comparisons. 

Social work and welfare

Professor Jon Glasby, Professor of Health and Social Care
Head of School of Social Policy
An expert in health and social care and also the head of the School of Social Policy, Professor Glasby is a qualified social worker, an NHS Non-Executive Director and specialises in joint working between health and social services, community care services, and services for older people.

Disability and special educational needs

Professor Julie Allan, Professor of Equity and Inclusion
Head of School of Education
A specialist in disability, special educational needs and educational policy, Professor Allan is also an expert adviser to the Council of Europe.