Experts guide: Law and order

Law and order

Professor Anthony Arnull, Barber Professor of Jurisprudence.
Director of Education, College of Arts & Law

A specialist in the law of the European Union, he worked at the European Court of Justice from 1989-92 and has written extensively on the EU, EEC Law, and the Court of Justice. He is co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of European Union Law and Consultant Editor of the European Law Review. Professor Arnull acted as Specialist Adviser to the House of Lords EU Committee.

EU law and policies

Dr George Kyris, Lecturer in International and European Politics
Department of Political Science and International Studies
An expert on EU and international relations, Greece, the Eurozone crisis and Euroscepticism.

Dr Julian Pänke, Lecturer in European Politics and DAAD Fachlektor
Department of Political Science and International Studies
An expert on European international relations with a focus on EU policies towards its Eastern and Southern neighbours. His research interests include foreign policy analysis, the interaction of national identities, narratives and hegemonic orders in the European neighborhood, as well as images of Germany in the European Union.

Dr Nicole Scicluna, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
Department of Political Science and International Studies
An expert on the constitutional system of the European Union. She has published extensively on the political and legal implications of the euro crisis for the EU and its member states.

Defence and security law

Professor Martin Trybus, Professor of European Law and Policy
Birmingham Law School
An expert in defence and security law, as well as procurement law. He can comment on EU constitutional issues generally, the legal implications for the UK after Brexit, possible EEA membership, impact on UK citizens and business, on UK Parliamentary sovereignty and on common law. 

EU criminal law

Dr Marianne Wade
Birmingham Law School
A specialist in EU criminal law and criminal justice structures, in particular, offences dealt with at the EU level, on police and judicial cooperation and the bodies created to support them (eg Europol and Eurojust). Her work has focused on judicial control of EU bodies and accountability structures for EU criminal justice work, as well as looking at what challenges actually face investigators and prosecutors across the EU.

Environmental law

Professor Robert Lee
Head of Birmingham Law School
A leading environmental lawyer who has worked both with the European Commission and the European Parliament. He is able to discuss questions of environmental protection and climate change and to explain how environmental policy might be affected by a British exit from the EU. He can also cover wider questions of how EU law works and how it interacts with domestic law in the wider context of debates about sovereignty.

UK and Ireland

Dr Ben Warwick, Lecturer in Law
Birmingham Law School
A specialist in the relationship between the UK and Ireland, he has worked with UK and Irish politicians and the human rights commissions in Ireland, and has written extensively on how Brexit will affect Ireland, Northern Ireland and the peace process. He is co-author of Bordering Two Unions: Northern Ireland and Brexit and can comment on UK-Ireland relations, the impact of Brexit on UK and Irish nationals, and on border issues.