Experts guide: Migration

Race and immigration history

Professor Gavin Schaffer, Professor of British History
Department of History
A specialist in race and immigration history, with a particular interest in racial science, race and the media and the history of racial violence. Professor Schaffer can also comment on asylum policy and unaccompanied minors.

Asylum, illegal migration and Roma

Dr Nando Sigona, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of IRiS
School of Social Policy
With over fifteen years’ experience in research on migration and asylum in Europe, Dr Sigona is a seasoned expert on  irregular migration, asylum policy and practice, unaccompanied minors and Roma intra-EU mobility. He regularly contributes to national and international print and broadcast media.

Migration, integration and superdiversity

Professor Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration and Superdiversity
School of Social Policy
An expert in migrant integration and access to welfare, Professor Phillimore has also undertaken projects examining migrants' access to welfare within the European Union.  She has advised local, national and European governments on migrant integration and is currently working on developing a toolkit to support local authorities in the UK with the reception and integration of Syrian refugees.

Migrants and entrepreneurship

Dr Catherine Harris, Senior Research Fellow
Department of Strategy and International Business
An expert in the field of EU labour migration, with a specialism on European migrants in the UK who are entrepreneurs. Dr Harris conducted the first large scale study of Polish entrepreneurship in the UK which explored the impact and integration of these businesses in their local communities. She is also a specialist in the motivations for migration and the migrant experience within the workplace.