Experts guide: Other

Regulations / consumer products

Dr Iseult Lynch, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Nanosciences
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
As an EU-funded researcher, working on the Europe-wide issue of regulation of nanomaterials in consumer products and nanosafety generally, Dr Lynch is an expert on nanomaterials safety assessment and regulation; including applications of nanomaterials in the environment, such as environmental remediation and nanomaterials-based strategies for agriculture.

European film and culture

Professor Rob Stone, Chair of European Film
Co-director of B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies
An expert in European film history, culture and industry, Professor Stone is also a specialist in Spanish and Basque history and culture, particularly media and film.

History of European integration 

Professor Corey Ross, Professor of Modern History
Head of School of History and Cultures
Professor Ross is an expert in the early history of European integration, such as ideas, motives and policies, how they shaped subsequent developments, and the historical relationship between European supranational institutions and nation states.

Social activism

Professor Matthew Hilton, Professor of Social History
Department of History
Professor Hilton is a specialist in the history of social activism, charities and NGOs in Britain, with a more general interest in the history of humanitarianism and international aid and development. 

Diet and exercise 

Professor Janice L Thompson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Exercise
School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
An expert in reducing obesity and type 2 diabetes risks via healthy eating and physical activity; implementation of lifestyle interventions in ethnically diverse communities; understanding the factors influencing eating and physical activity behaviours across the lifespan.

Air, road, and rail transport

Dr Pat Hanlon, Senior Lecturer in Transport Economics
An expert in transport economics, with a particular emphasis on air transport, Dr Hanlon can talk about issues concerning transport in the EU and what will happen to UK airlines' traffic rights and their participation in various 'open skies' agreements the EU has signed up to, if the referendum results in the UK leaving the EU.