Festival of Neurosciences

Thinktank foyer, Level 2 Millennium Point, Birmingham
Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Research
Saturday 19th March 2011 (12:00-16:00)
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Contact: Dr Emil Toescu
Email: e.c.toescu@bham.ac.uk

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Come and join us for a series of interesting, exciting and fun events, where everybody, from the youngest to the oldest is invited to explore some basic facts about the brain and how it works and discuss some of the latest research.

Researchers and students from the University of Birmingham are looking forward to meeting you around a series of interesting and entertaining stalls:

  • Can we believe all that we see? – Prof. Ann Logan & team
    Learning about optical paths, about the mechanisms of vision, and about optical illusions. Learning also about how research into diseases of the eye can provide clues and hopes for treating other types of nervous system trauma.
  • Consequences of stroke – what are they and what can we do about it – Dr. Wai-Ling Bickerton & team
    A presentation on what is a Stroke and what are its consequences and a discussion about the current research on the types of interventions that physicians apply in order to reduce the effects of stroke and improve the rate of recovery.
  • Electroencephalography - Dr. Martin Vreugdenhil & team 
    A practical demonstration of this technique for recording the electrical activity of the brain. A discussion of what it all means and what it can and what it cannot tell us.
  • Feelings, nothing but the feelings— Dr. Pia Rothstein & team 
    A practical demonstration of and discussion about the mechanisms involved in allowing us to feel and sense the world around. And monitoring the reactions of our bodies, can tell us a lot about what we do feel – “lie detector machine” and “Meet the parents” on a scientific basis!
  • Finding our way in a virtual world— Dr. Theresa Powell & Laura Nice 
    A practical demonstration of current research on the possibility of using virtual world environments to train people with various levels of cognitive and memory impairment to learn better specific routes that are relevant to their lives.
  • To eat healthily or unhealthily? - Mr. Eric Robinson, Dr Suzanne Higgs & Dr Jackie Blissett
    A short interactive study investigating factors behind why we make the food choices we do, followed by an explanation of the study and information about current research in our lab examining food choices.
  • Robots taking over the space — Dr. Jeremy Wyatt & team
  • The beauty of Neuroscience— Prof. Attila Sik & team
    A multi-poster presentation to demonstrate that the discoveries in neuroscience are not only intellectually fascinating, but that some have also a powerful visual impact.
  • The rubber hand illusion: what you see is what you feel— Dr. Stuart Derbyshire & team
    A practical demonstration of how what your eye sees can fool you into feeling sensations from a rubber hand. If your hand is hidden and you see a rubber hand being stroked you start to feel the stroking coming from the rubber hand - but that's not your hand! How does this happen? And what does it tell us about how we experience things like touch and pain? If the rubber hand is hurt, will you hurt?
  • Building a brain – A hands-on experience for kids? – Dr. Amanda Wood
    In this session, children will learn about the building blocks of the brain (neurons) as well as which parts of their brains help them speak, move and see. A hands on session, this will appeal particularly to children in infant/junior school.

Cost: Free of Charge