Robots-what they tell us about brain and intelligence

Thinktank Theatre, Level 2 Millennium Point, Birmingham
Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Research
Friday 18th March 2011 (18:30-21:00)
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Contact: Dr Emil Toescu

This lecture is part of the Neurosciences in the evening series and will be given by Dr Jeremy Wyatt, Marc Hanheide and Dr Richard Dearden of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, School of Computer Sciences, University of Birmingham.

Robots in offices, robots in homes, robots on the streets – until very recently this was the realm of sci-fi literature or film. Building such agents requires machines with much more flexibility, adaptability and robustness than now, and that means learning much more not only about computers, but also about the computational and cognitive systems that allow such properties to emerge. Bringing robots and computers near to where the humans are effortlessly, means also learning more about the human brain. Finally it is also the case that we can not only use brains to understand better how to build robots, but also use robots to help us understand the brain. This event will include live demonstrations of real robots, together with talks from leading robot scientists.

Cost: Free of Charge