Elitist, irrelevant and boring or the key to understanding the world: have traditional subject disciplines had their day?

University of Birmingham, Education Building, Room 524
Social Sciences
Wednesday 6th April 2011 (14:00-16:00)
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Contact: Aidan Thompson
Email: a.p.thompson@bham.ac.uk
Tel: 0121 414 3602

Chair: Kathryn Ecclestone, Professor of Education and Social Inclusion, University of Birmingham

Panel Members:  Michael Young, Emeritus Professor of Education, Institute of Education, London; Guy Claxton, Professor of Learning Sciences, University of Winchester; Shirley Lawes, Head of PGCE MFL, Institute of Education, London; Martin Johnson, Deputy General Secretary, Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

Contributors will debate the purpose of traditional subjects. Are they an elitist, anachronistic hangover from the past or are they the foundations on which our place in the world, and our understanding of that world, depend? Can transferable ‘learning to learn’ skills and other personal and social attributes be delivered as part of subjects, or do they distract from knowledge and hollow it out? If knowledge is not the foundation for the curriculum, what does teachers’ authority depend on? And, when schools become increasingly decentralised and open to parents deciding on content and teaching, what should we be training teachers to do, think and know?

Cost: Free of Charge, please register your interest with Aidan Thompson