AM2 Surface Characterisation and Laboratory Launch

School of Chemical Engineering
Tuesday 30th November 2010 (09:30-13:30)
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University of Birmingham Discovery Days – 2010/2011

AM2 Surface Characterisation and Laboratory Launch

The aim of this free event is to highlight to an invited audience of industrial participants some of the expertise and facilities available from within the Birmingham Science City Research Alliance. The goal is to stimulate interaction and support networking for the development of relationships between the industrial participants and key Academics from across the Universities of Warwick and Birmingham.

The event will help you to discover how to access capabilities for characterising surface mechanical properties such as nanohardness and mar resistance, surface topography, surface microstructure and composition, friction, lubrication, wear, adhesion and tactility covering a wide array of applications such as semiconductors; paints; bio films; metals; glasses; polymers; electronics; corrosion; adhesives; coatings and ceramics.