British Politics and Party Politics

British Party Politics

Professor David Cutts, 
Department of Political Science and International Studies

A seasoned media commentator for national and regional media, Professor Cutts is a specialist in elections and voting. His particular interests are electoral geography (votes and seats), party campaigning (including social media), turnout and party choice. Professor Cutts is currently writing a book on the Liberal Democrats and has recently published work on the rise of UKIP. He is also an Associate Fellow at Chatham House on the Europe Programme. 

Dr Karin Bottom, Lecturer British Politics and Public Policy
Institute of Local Government Studies

An expert in smaller political parties, her research focuses on various aspects of party politics and the party system, and in particular, the changing roles and responsibilities of political parties.

Dr Mark Goodwin,  Lecturer of International Studies,
Department of Political Science and International Studies

A British politics specialist, able to discuss any aspect of national elections, voting, public opinion, parties and public policy.

Dr Matt Cole, Teaching Fellow,
Department of History

An expert in British party and electoral politics. Dr Cole has written widely on political parties, democracy in Britain, constitutional reform and party policy. He has a particular interest in the impact of the EU referendum in the West Midlands, and is a long-standing commentator for BBC radio and television coverage of politics in the the region.

Political ideology/BAME voting strategy

Dr Matthew Francis, Department of History,
Birmingham Teaching Fellow

A political historian of twentieth century Britain, with particular expertise in political ideology, policy and history of the three main national parties. Dr Francis makes comparisons between previous election campaigns and the forthcoming election. He is a specialist on strategies the parties have adopted for targeting BAME voters. 

Devolution and Regional Agenda

Professor Catherine Staite, Director of INLOGOV,
Institute of Local Government Studies

A specialist on local government and the regional agenda, including devolution, decentralisation and Combined Authorities. 

Voting Statistics

Dr David Craven

A mathematics and statistics expert, able to discuss voting statistics and voting systems. Dr Craven is a fellow of pure mathematics in the School of Mathematics.