Business, Innovation and Growth

Economic Policy

Professor John Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and Economic Geography,
The Department of Strategy and International Business

An experienced commentator on regional and national economies, Professor Bryson worked closely with the European Commission on the application of the single market to services and worked on the development of the European Services Directive. His research interests include the emergence of knowledge-led economies as well as understanding the competitiveness of high added-value manufacturing.

Professor Simon Collinson, Professor of International Business and Innovation Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Regional Economic Engagement, Director of CityREDI – the City-Region Economic Development Institute 

A specialist in innovation, productivity, performance and economic growth. Recently engaged in studies of regional economic growth, regional economic reliance on large firms and supply chains and inclusive growth. Advising on regional industrial strategies and the role of Universities as ‘anchor institutions’.

Entrepreneurship and small businesses

Professor Kiran Trehan, Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development, 
The Department of Entrepreneurship & Local Economy

A specialist in entrepreneurship, small firms and diversity. Professor Trehan is a key contributor to debates on diversity, and enterprise development in small firms. He is also an expert on SMEs who are  reliant on European trade.