Questions from the Biology Big Quiz

Test your biology knowledge with some of the questions from today's Biology Big Quiz for local Year 10 students.

(Answers can be found here)

1. A poikiotherm...

A Always has a blood temperature below that of the environment
B Can never generate its own internal heat
C Is not interested in mating
D Can maintain body temperature by basking

2. Which of these structures does not increase the surface area of an organ for absorption

A Root hair
B Gut micro-villi
C Lung alveoli
D Feather barbules

3. A lichen is made up of a plant and a fungus. This is an example of....

A Symbiosis
B Disease
C Parasitism
D Infection

4. Which of the following topics was NOT the subject of a book by Charles Darwin?

A Coral islands
B Earth worms
C Insect eating plants
D Dolphins and whales

5. How many children did Darwin and his wife Emma have?

A 2
B 8
C 10
D 12