Educating NHS staff

Since the NHS’s foundation 70 years ago, the College of Medical and Dental Sciences has trained over 10,000 Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing students, many of whom have gone on to play important roles within the NHS.

Across the generations: current students meet our NHS alumni

Kate Fussell, interviewed by Lydia Wilson

Kate Fussell (MBChB Medicine, 1951) started at the University when she was just 17-years-old. Kate went on to have a very successful career, pioneering research into breast cancer and reconstructive surgery after mastectomy, and becoming one of only a handful of female Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Lydia Wilson (MBChB Medicine, 2020) is President of the University’s long-standing Medical Society, which is open to students from all disciplines within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. Lydia will be entering her fourth year in October 2018.

Kate Fussell, interviewed by Lydia Wilson

Jenny Hiley, interviewed by Travis Norton

Jenny Hiley (BNurs Nursing, 2005) is a Programme Manager at West Midlands Clinical Academic Careers Programmes and is based at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. Jenny entered the NHS in 2005 and has had a varied career, currently running regional training programmes for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. 

Travis Norton (BNurs Nursing, 2018) was recently award ‘Student Nurse of the Year: Adult’ at the prestigious Student Nursing Times Awards. Travis has now completed the BNurs Nursing programme and will be entering the NHS as a Qualified Nurse shortly.

Jenny Hiley, interviewed by Travis Norton

Dr Janet Clarke, interviewed by Elen Rowlands

Dr Janet Clarke MBE (BDS Dentistry, 1981) is Deputy Chief Dental Officer England and Local Dental Network Chair for NHS England West Midlands. Janet completed a Master of Community Dental Health in 1989 and worked as a clinical dental officer in a range of Midland health authorities before becoming Associate Director for Dental Services in 1991 and Deputy Chief Dental Officer England in 2016.

Elen Rowlands (BDS Dental Surgery, 2018) will be graduating from the University this summer and has relished her role as Vice President of the European Dental Students Association. As she starts her career Elen is hoping to find a role where she can balance patient care with dental public health. 

Dr Janet Clarke, interviewed by Elen Rowlands

Training generations of physiotherapists

We have been at the forefront of physiotherapy education since the 1930s. The NHS in turn has been central to the development of physiotherapy since its foundation in 1948. Birmingham physiotherapy graduates work in all settings and specialisms across the NHS, providing vital services to patients that improve their quality of life. Physiotherapy is part of the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Teaching physiotherapy at Birmingham since the 1930s

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"...the continual feedback and support from the Clinical Educators whilst on placement gave me the chance to further develop my handling skills, assessments and overall patient management."

Andrew Dean Young
Andrew Dean-Young
Community Band 6 Physiotherapist

A legacy of training nurses

An interesting snapshot into our history of training nurses can be found in the article below, from a 1953 edition of the Birmingham Mail.  

A snapshot of the article

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Below: Nurse S.T. Blackwood, who came over from Jamaica, trained at Birmingham in order to take her skills back to the new hospital being built in her hometown of Kingston.
Nurse ST Blackwood trains in Birmingham

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