Ciara Horne

Name: Ciara Horne

DOB: 17/09/1989

Hometown: Warwickshire

Sport/discipline/position: Cycling – Track, Time trial and Road

 Ciara Racing

Describe yourself in three words

 Determined, Focussed, Ambitious

What course did you study at the University of Birmingham and why?

 Physiotherapy. After numerous injuries myself I wanted to know why and how injuries could be prevented. After lots of work experience I loved the clinical reasoning and problem solving with Physiotherapy and decided it was the career for me!

When did you start your sport and why?

 I started swimming aged 7 with my brother. I joined a swimming club when I was 10 years old because I wanted to be able to do “tumble turns” and wanted to go as fast as the other girls who were swimming there. I loved swimming but unfortunately stopped competing competitively aged 16 as a result of shoulder surgery. Following that I started triathlon for a bit but hated swimming so much slower than I used to (as a result of the shoulder injury) and didn’t enjoy running. In November 2009 after an 8 month break from sport I decided I needed to be doing sport as I didn’t feel myself and missed the training and racing! I started cycling then and I’ve never looked back since!!

What was the last book you read?

 Technically it was one for my essay I’m writing at the moment - my revision book for my hospital placement! But I’m a big fan of autobiographies and I finished reading Roger Black’s autobiography a few weeks ago.

What was the last music single/album you bought/downloaded?

 David Guetta’s album.

Who would you want to play you in a film of your life and why?

 Cameron Diaz because she is my favourite actress

Who has been the greatest influence in your life?

 My parents without a doubt! They are exceptionally hard working and have been fantastic role models.

If you could play any other sport what would it be?


What is your current training schedule like?

 The track season has just finished for me so I’m making the transition to road and time trial. It’s more hours on the bike with TT efforts and road races as training, whereas prior to this I was living on the track!!

What are you most looking forward to about the London 2012 Olympics?

 Watching and learning and training very hard whilst the games are on making sure I’m doing everything I can to make the start line come 2016.