Current and past spin-out companies


Ad.Surf.Eng. Ltd

Expertise in surface engineering of metals and metal alloys.
Ad.Surf.Eng.Ltd website 

Alta Bioscience Ltd

Providing analysis and synthesis of DNA, proteins and other molecules to academia and industry.
Alta Bioscience Ltd website

Applied Functional Materials Ltd

Commercialising a high frequency ultrasound transducer technology for medical and other applications.
Applied Functional Materials Ltd website

Bioscience Ventures Ltd

Joint venture between University of Birmingham and Abingdon Health Ltd.  Developing and marketing new diagnostics for healthcare and other industries. 

Biowaste2energy Ltd

Developing technology for converting sugar-based wastes to hydrogen and energy. Will be looking for further funding.
Biowaste3energy Ltd website

Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd

Innovative actuation system for consumer electronics.
Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd website

Celentyx Ltd

Offers a service for drug development companies interested in the human immune system. Will be looking for further funding.
Celentyx Ltd website

Circassia Ltd

Development of new class of T-cell vaccines to treat allergies and combat organ rejection.   
Circassia Ltd website

Cytox Ltd

Developing products for neurogenerative disorders using cell cycle related biomarkers associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Cytox Ltd website

Inanovate Inc

Developing novel biochip products produced on patented nanotechnology instrumentation. Will be looking for further funding.
Inanovate Inc. website  

Interface Spectra Ltd

Developing a novel combined topographical and spectroscopic analysis instrument. Will be looking for funding. 

McBurney Ltd

Robust simple soil moisture detectors for effective and efficient irrigation.
McBurney Ltd website 

Metal Nanopowders Ltd

Offers custom manufacture of metal powders with particle size in the nanometre range. Currently seeking investment.
Metal Nanopowders Ltd website

Native Antigen/PsiOxus Ltd

"Stealth" technologies intended to make viral vaccines and gene therapies more effective.
PsiOxus website
Native Antigen website

Neuregenix Ltd

Developing neurorgeneration technologies.
Neuregenix website

The Speech Ark

Creates extensive and high quality speech corpora aiming to reflect the full diversity of spoken British English.