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The business of sport extends far beyond the pitch and the players. There are algorithms, performance monitoring devices, psychology programmes and countless science based research relating to athlete health and performance across both the mental and physical states, University of Birmingham experts are leading on all of this and more.

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Ground-breaking concussion research

Our researchers are leading the way in the development of pitchside tests for monitoring and diagnosing the impacts of concussion in sport.

In Premiership rugby

A major study into pitchside diagnosis of concussion and brain injury led by Professor Tony Belli in collaboration with the Rugby Football Union (RFU)Premiership Rugby and the Rugby Players’ Association is the biggest of its kind to take place in the history of UK sport. 

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In Premier League football

The University of Birmingham and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust launched a study funded by The Drake Foundation to review and potentially enhance concussion diagnosis in football.

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Professor Tony BelliWe are ranked 5th for research in the UK for sport and exercise science

Sport Participation to Performance 

Sport Participation to Performance conducts research on critical and contemporary topics focusing on optimising engagement in sport and physical education and interrogates performance enhancement in competitive athletes and recreationally active populations. This research draws on a long-standing global reputation in sports psychology, complemented by world-leading multidisciplinary expertise across physical education/pedagogy, physiology, nutrition, and applied sports science.

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Training for success 

Collaborating with Rangers FC to not only gain valuable insights into how to enhance the future performance of the team, but also to invest in skills and expertise that will make an enduring, valuable contribution to the game. 

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