Enterprise Training for Academics

We are experts in providing training and tailor-made support for academic researchers interested in commercialising their research or becoming entrepreneurs.

We will support your business journey whatever stage you are at. If you are interested in business or have an idea, our Introduction to Enterprising Research series provides a foundation. Our programmes then cover validating your idea and the realisation of commercial impact with the ‘Medici Enterprise Training Programme’.

Please contact Ele Burdis, Enterprise Training and Events Manager, for more information or to discuss how we can best support you.

Training and Support

Enterprise Training

If you have the beginnings of a business idea, research you think could be commercialised, or are just interested in learning the basics of turning an idea into a business, our enterprise training sessions will get your entrepreneurial journey going in the right direction!

ICURe Support

The ICURe programme takes the scientific method and applies it to commercialisation allowing you to discover if your idea has a viable market. We will provide full support to you during the ICURe process, helping you maximise the experience and outcomes to best serve your emerging business.

Spinout Basecamp

If you have a spinout opportunity, our Spinout Base Camp will ensure you have a gap free knowledge base for business. This camp is run alongside the dedicated support you will receive from the University of Birmingham Enterprise team, providing you with the tools you need and seamless support.

Medici Enterprise Training Programme

Our flagship training programme will give you the business skills, knowledge and confidence you need to engage with business and industry in an impactful and professional way. The programme covers all of the key components of developing a business.