Degree Apprenticeships information for applicants and apprentices

For those interested in studying for a degree but worried about student debt, Degree Apprenticeships offer exciting opportunities to combine university study with a paid job, while getting your fees paid for.

What is a Degree Apprenticeship?

A Degree Apprenticeship offers its learners a combination of practical work-based experience with traditional university study.  As an apprentice, you would be employed by a company and paid a wage for the duration of the programme. 

Apprentices are entitled to the same rights as other employees at that company and, best of all, have their tuition fees paid!

This exciting ‘earn as you learn’ initiative is offered at both undergraduate level and postgraduate level study.

Programmes we offer

The University of Birmingham offers the following undergraduate (level 6) Degree Apprenticeships in the School of Computer Science:

These programmes are taught on a full time basis.

If you are interested in learning more about the Computer Science Degree Apprenticeship programmes, email:

At postgraduate level (level 7), we offer the following programmes:

These programmes are taught on a part time basis and are aimed at those already employed in a managerial role. 

If your employer is a levy paying organisation and you are interested in one of our postgraduate programmes, please get in touch: