Student Employability Team

Our Student Employability Team are a professional group of students who are recruited to work alongside Careers Network.

About the team

The team help us devise, develop, promote and deliver our employability provision. They have diverse roles which include:

  • Brand Promoters
  • Digital Marketing Assistants
  • International Student Team Leader
  • International Student Ambassadors
  • Newsletter Assistants
  • Operations Team Support
  • Employer Liaison Assistants
  • Peer Presenters

Their high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and energy makes them great role models for other students, encouraging a greater cohort of students to engage with Careers Network and visiting employers. They can reach parts of the campus and student lifestyle that we cannot ever hope to reach and they intuitively take the right pitch when communicating with their peers. 

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about our Student Employability Team please contact our Marketing & Communications Manager, Robyn Till,  Tel: 0121 414 8243, Email: