E-newsletter service for employers

Connect with Birmingham’s brightest using our e-newsletters.

Reach thousands of the University of Birmingham’s students using our affordable and tailored e-newsletters, helping you to reach recruitment targets and effectively build your organisation’s reputation with our world-class graduates.

Through our targeted service, you will have the option to pick and choose when and who you advertise your opportunities to - ensuring optimal engagement with the right students, at the right time. 

The right students, at the right time

Our e-newsletters are sent throughout the academic year – targeting various student cohorts. This can include their year of study, degree programme, study level (undergraduate or postgraduate) or residence (e.g. home or international student). 

Which students can I target?

By Year Group/Study Level/Residence

Newsletters sent via year group are sent once a month via term time, or termly for postgraduate students. 

  • First Year Undergraduate (Home and International students)
  • Intermediate Year Undergraduate (Home and International students)
  • Final Year Undergraduate (Home and International students)
  • Postgraduate Taught Masters (Home students)
  • Postgraduate Research/PhD (Home students)

By Degree Programme 

Newsletters are sent on a fortnightly basis during term time to both undergraduate and postgraduate taught (Masters) students based on their degree discipline. 

  • Business (Accounting, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Business Management, Marketing)
  • Social Sciences (Education, Government and Society, Social Policy)
  • Arts (English, Drama, Creative Studies, History, Cultures, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Religion)
  • Law
  • Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Biosciences
  • Psychology
  • Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy, coaching, P.E. Sport)
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials)
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Mathematics 

When can I advertise to students?

You can advertise as often or as little as you’d like, with the option to pick and choose from our list of available dates throughout the academic year. Here’s a breakdown of how frequently each of our e-newsletters are sent:

  • Postgraduates: The beginning of each term (twice a year)
  • First & Intermediate Year Undergraduates: The last Monday of every month during term time
  • Final Year Undergraduates: One to two times a month according to deadlines and exams
  • By degree programme: Monthly during term time

Why should I choose e-newsletters?

Through surveys, focus groups and analytics we’re able to see that students prefer to receive information about career opportunities via email. It’s a flexible and affordable way to draw a large cohort of student’s attention, boosting the reputation of your organisation and opportunities. Here’s just a few advantages to using the service:

  • Let students know when you’ll be on campus
  • Highlight your graduate and undergraduate programmes
  • Promote application opening or closing date
  • Raise your organisation’s profile in the student community
  • Advertise your events or competitions

How much does it cost?

At just £160+VAT per each newsletter entry, you can reach thousands of students quickly, easily and affordably.

On request, we can also send a breakdown of the newsletters open rates and click-throughs on your advert. 

How many students will see the e-newsletter?

The University of Birmingham has a large student community who have access to our e-newsletters.

The below table demonstrates how far-reaching our e-newsletters are – breaking down the number of students on each mailing list, along with the average open and click-through rates.


Audience Number

Average Open Rate*

Social Sciences and Business School students (all years, UG and PGT)



Arts and Law students (all years, UG and PGT)



Biosciences, Geography, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Psychology and Sport and Exercise Sciences students (all years, UG and PGT)



Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics and Maths students (all years, UG and PGT)



All Postgraduate Taught home students (PhD/Masters)



All undergraduate first year students



All undergraduate intermediate year students



All undergraduate final year students



How do I submit an advert?

Please complete our e-newsletter submission form. You will be able to pay either by purchasing card or invoice. If you have any problems with your booking, then please contact recruiters@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

Please note that if you do not submit the required details, then there will be a delay in confirming your booking. 

What will my advert look like?

Employer entries are included at the top of our newsletters because our click-through rates tell us that these are the items that get the most engagement. Each newsletter is designed slightly differently to ensure that it is tailored to the audience. Here are two blanket examples of how your advert would be displayed:

For further information please contact a member of the Employer Relations team via recruiters@contacts.bham.ac.uk.