Experience Arts

Our Experience Arts scheme gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in arts and cultural organisations in the West Midlands region.

We can help you to recruit skilled student talent without funding being a barrier. Our students and recent graduates can offer you

  • A fresh perspective on your business and/or project
  • Time spent on something you otherwise wouldn’t have time to do
  • Additional manpower behind a project or set of tasks during a busy period
  • Subject-level expertise – our students come from a wide range of subjects, including History & Culture, English, Drama, Creative Writing, Film, Languages, Art History, Music, Philosophy, Theology & Religion and Law
  • Enthusiasm and talent!

What is the Experience Arts scheme?

The Experience Arts scheme is an internship programme designed specifically to support local arts and cultural organisations to recruit talent from the University of Birmingham who can support with specific projects.  Internships via this programme will be open to all students and recent graduates of the College of Arts and Law.

What is an internship?

Students carry out specific work-related tasks over a set period of time. The aim of an internship is to provide the intern with professional experience and the opportunity to develop skills related to working in a specific role or sector. During the period of the internship, the work undertaken by the intern could be whatever best suits your business requirements - for example, fundraising and marketing, PR, a social media presence or events and project management. 

What types of students do we have?

You can target your internship/project towards students studying a specific degree, although the roles will need to be open to all students and graduates in the College of Arts and Law in order to reflect the wide range of interests our students have outside of their degree. You can read details of all degree programmes offered in the College

When can an internship take place?

Internships as part of this programme can be undertaken on a full or part-time basis. We offer funding based on a 10 or 20 day full time internship, or part time equivalent, to take place during the summer vacation period.

Register your interest for internship funding

You can register your interest now for an intern next summer.  Please complete our short online expression of interest form by Wednesday 16 December 2020.

*Please note, depending on the volume of interest received for funding, projects may be selected as part of a competitive process.

Contact the Internships team

To find out more about this programme and/or the funding, please contact internships@contacts.bham.ac.uk.