Internships and mentoring

Work experience internships are a great way for employers to build a relationship with University of Birmingham and our students.

UoB student internship with Alexander Daniels


Internships and placements not only provide a valuable learning opportunity for our students, they also give you the opportunity to work with high quality and knowledgeable students for competitive rates.

For any questions you may have regarding Internships, placements and work experience vacancy enquiries please email:

Student Knowledge Exchange Project

The University of Birmingham in partnership with Keele University has been awarded funding from the Office for Students and Research England for the Student Knowledge Exchange Project to develop best practice and expertise in the delivery of knowledge exchange activity.

The project team are looking to work with employers to offer a wide range of internship opportunities, student consultancies and enterprise challenges for students. Funding is also available to pay students a bursary to engage in an internship or consultancy with a business or organisation that may not otherwise be able to financially support a student intern.

To find out more about the project and opportunities to get involved, please visit the Student Knowledge Exchange project page or contact Laura Scott at


Mentoring is a unique opportunity that allows University of Birmingham students to enhance their experiences, by receiving one to one advice and guidance from a professional working in a particular sector. This can be a great way to understand how to succeed in this area and be better prepared for the working world beyond graduation.

To get involved with mentoring or if you have any queries please email or find out more about mentoring the next generation of students.