Information for small-to-medium enterprises

With the city and its surrounding districts in close proximity to the University of Birmingham, many of our students have gained practical experience within small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) during their time here.

SME's in Birmingham's Custard Factory area

As a result, our students have developed a genuine interest and desire to work within small to medium sized enterprises.

Employable students, impacting on your business

Through their courses of study, part-time work, extra- curricular activities and enterprising initiatives, our students have built up a wealth of higher level skills and experience including SEO web design, marketing strategy and written and verbal translation.

77% of our students come from the state sector; there is huge academic potential across students from diverse backgrounds. Their motivated and hard-working attitudes combine with a hunger to overcome challenges to create unique personalities that could become significant assets to your business.  

We recognise that you might have limited time, resources and budget to focus on university recruitment so our staff will be on hand to assist with this. They are honest in their approach and will go out of their way to ensure your vacancy is communicated to students through the most effective methods.

We want you to have a productive and enjoyable experience.


Did you know there is funding available to help you benefit from the assistance of a student from the University of Birmingham, the 2013 Sunday Times University of the Year?


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