Student Knowledge Exchange Project

Supporting University of Birmingham and Keele students into internships, consultancies, enterprise challenges, bootcamps and to start their own business.

The University of Birmingham, in partnership with Keele University, has been awarded funding from the Office for Students and Research England for the Student Knowledge Exchange Project to develop best practice and expertise in the delivery of knowledge exchange activity.

The project will offer civic internships, student consultancies, virtual placements, international opportunities, enterprise challenges, and curriculum design that embeds student knowledge exchange. The project will also propose an evaluative framework tool to analyse the impact of student-led knowledge exchanges.

Information for employers

The University of Birmingham and Keele University have been awarded funding from the Office for Students and Research England to support students to undertake internship activities with businesses and organisations.

  • Want to add knowledge to your workforce?
  • Lacking resources to enable your growth?
  • Looking to appoint fresh thinking to your team?
  • Need expert insight to take the next step?

The University of Birmingham Careers Network is working with employers to create bespoke internship opportunities for UoB students and recent graduates from a variety of disciplines. 

Funding is available to pay interns a bursary to engage in an internship or consultancy with a business or organisation that may not otherwise be able to support a student intern. Bursaries are available for internships lasting up to 55 hours in length, to be worked on a part-time basis on a schedule agreed between the intern and employer. Longer internship proposals may also be supported on a co-funded basis between the employer and the university.

To find out more about hosting a Knowledge Exchange internship, please contact Laura Scott at More information about the two internship schemes is also available in the two sections below.

Virtual Knowledge Exchange Internships

As many organisations have adapted to the new challenges and advantages of remote working this year, the traditional model for student internships is evolving too.

The University of Birmingham is keen to widen accessibility for all students to engage with meaningful work experience, especially students from a widening participation background who might otherwise face barriers to engaging with traditional internship models.

Virtual internships offer many benefits including reduced costs for students and employers, increased working flexibility to accommodate students with caring responsibilities or disabilities and to connect employers with students who are uniquely well equipped to embrace digital working practices.

We will be working closely with employers both globally and within the UK to create bespoke virtual internship opportunities for UoB students, which will provide purposeful support to businesses and employers and valuable work experience to students.

If you are an employer and are interested in hosting a student intern, please contact Laura Scott at

You can also engage with the Knowledge Exchange Internship scheme by completing our Employer Expression of Interest Form.

If you are a student or recent graduate and are interested in applying for an internship, please check the Knowledge Exchange Internships page for more information and current vacancies.

Enterprise Activity

Boot Camps and Future of Work workshops

Entrepreneurial skills are now essential for the workplace. At the University of Birmingham, we work to understand your business and employment needs, from which we work with you to co-create experiential and multi-disciplinary challenges or workshops that engage students from different backgrounds.

These activities not only up-skill our students and put you front of mind in their recruitment search, they also serve as a fertile soft recruitment tool for you and can help crowd-source exceptional minds on your business challenges. 

This is student knowledge exchange, re-imagined. Get in touch with the B-Enterprising team now and let’s discuss your ideas and goals at:

If you are an employer and are interested in getting involved with our enterprise activites, please contact Jodie Bird at

If you are a student or recent graduate and are interested in taking part in a Boot Camp or workshop, please check the B-Enterprising webpages for updates and upcoming events.

B-Enterprising Boot Camp video transcript

Information for policy makers

As two leaders in student-mediated Knowledge Exchange (KE) the University of Birmingham and Keele University are working together to innovate further in this space to remove barriers to engagement and engage communities that hitherto may not have connected. 

Building on both institutions’ strong KE foundations, this project will share, develop and expand successful, complementary approaches to student mediated KE activities. We will prioritise students from a widening participation background, demonstrating what works, focusing on sustainability and delivering external benefits such as enhanced employability and solutions to business challenges and problems. 

Whilst benefiting students and the North and West Midlands, we will focus on meeting regional needs, addressing skills gaps and meeting export challenges. This will offer experiential learning business start-up opportunities for students to increase their employability, social capital and shape their future. 

Alongside these opportunities for employers and students, the project will develop a tool to evaluate the holistic impact of KE activity on students, businesses and civic groups. With the support of Santander Universities, the tool will be piloted with universities and organisations where significant student KE is being delivered. The findings from the impact tool will be shared across the sector and beyond.

The project welcomes discussion and collaboration with international institutions, in order to share best practice in student knowledge exchange and develop global solutions to student employability challenges. If you are representing an international institution and would like to engage with the project, please contact Laura Scott at

Meet the Team

Sue Welland: Deputy Director External Engagement

Jodie Bird: Entrepreneurial Skills Officer

Laura Scott: Knowledge Exchange Employer Engagement Officer

Mohammed Ali: Business Start-up and Entrepreneurial Development Manager

Katherine Smith: Knowledge Exchange Operations Officer

George Bramley: Senior Analyst


Hannes Read: Project Policy and Data Analyst

Privacy Notice

Please visit the link below to review the privacy notice for the Student Knowledge Exchange Re-Imagined project. Please be aware this link will re-direct you to the Keele University website. 

Student Knowledge Exchange privacy notice

Contact the Knowledge Exchange Project

  • For employer enquiries and information about internships please contact Laura Scott at
  • For enterprise enquiries and information about our events and activities please contact Jodie Bird at
  • For queries related to the impact measurement tool please contact Sue Welland at