Tapping into Talent

Our annual update and networking event, Tapping into Talent, is specifically for small and medium sized enterprises to meet staff in Careers Network, find out about our latest statistics on student trends, programmes and activities, and top engagement techniques.

Around 40% of our graduates stay in the West Midlands area, providing local small and medium enterprises with an excellent opportunity to recruit high calibre student. Tap into the wealth of expertise and resources at the University of Birmingham to discover how we can help move your business forward. 

Tapping into Talent 2020 details

Due to restrictions in place during COVID-19, we are unable to hold our Tapping into Talent update and networking event on campus.  

This page has been adapted to into an information hub for this year's updates on our services and programmes which are still running and trends with our student and graduate cohorts.

Overview of University of Birmingham and Careers Network

An introduction to University of Birmingham and our services to students and employers in Careers Network.

2020 update and Trends

April Cheung, Regional Development Officer, gives an update on current situation for our students and graduates, latest trends in our student cohort.

Mentoring: Become a mentor, inspire students to unlock their potential

Rachel Jenkins, our Careers Mentoring Manager, gives an update on the impressive 450 mentoring relationships this year and talks about the benefits mentoring brings to both mentee and mentor.

Transformation West Midlands: Supporting local students and businesses

Amrit Sandhu, Project Manager for the Transformation West Midlands Project gives an update on brand new activities we have at Careers Network, focusing on local students and graduates from the West Midlands and how local businesses can get involved in developing the skills of the next generation.

Virtual Internships: Supporting businesses from home

Hear from our Work Experience & Internships Manager, Kam Manku on how Careers Network have been trialling this method of work experience in the last few years and benefits of taking on a virtual intern.

Professional Development Module: flexible short-term student placements

Mairead Mallon, Placements Officer, gives an update on this year’s Professional Development Module Placements and shows you why you should get involved if you’re a local business. 

For further information on any of the above topics or to discuss other ways of engagement with our students, please contact the Employer Relations Team recruiters@contacts.bham.ac.uk