Work experience

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At Birmingham we are keen to encourage our students to take part in summer internships, year placements, and part-time work experience, ensuring that they develop the necessary skills employers are looking for in a competitive job market.

We want our students to get the best start possible for their future careers, and key to this is developing the practical skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Benefits of work experience

Internships and placements not only provide a valuable learning opportunity for our students, they also give you the opportunity to work with high quality and knowledgeable students for competitive rates. In addition, placements allow you to build relationships with students who may return to employment in your company on graduation.

What you can do –

  • Offer student sponsorships and work experience placements
  • Provide research or project specifications and work in collaboration with students to deliver them
  • Give presentations and workshops on recruitment processes and workplace skills
  • Attend final year presentations and open days to network with prospective graduate recruits

Developing a relationship helps you –

  • Access students early on in their studies
  • Market employment opportunities
  • Form collaborative relationships with academic and research staff

Get in touch with the team at 

If you are a school pupil looking for work experience within the University you should make your request directly to the individual department or school.

Recruiting student volunteers

Are you an organisation wishing to advertise your opportunity to our students? Please visit our volunteering information page to find out more details about what options are available to you.