Construction internship video transcript

This is the video transcript for Mohammad Bilal's interview about his construction internship on the student profiles page. 

Construction internship

My name is Bilal, I’m currently in second year doing Civil Engineering. I’m sponsored by a major construction civil engineering company, and for my first summer placement I was on a hi-vis project in Bristol for a couple of months working as part of a team delivering to a large public sector client.

Describe your work

My role was as an Assistant Project Manager so I was part of a small-works delivery team that was basically going out and doing repair and maintenance works on the motorway network. My role was ensuring that information was passed on from the design team all the way to the construction team.

What skills did you bring to the organization? 

The skills and knowledge that I brought to the organization… I would say it was planning and management, so it was basically keeping track of projects as they progress from the design stage all the way to construction and one of the key things I had to do was making sure that everything was on track according to the large program we were working to. And if there were any problems along the network, just doing a critical path analysis of the project and making sure that any problem points were picked up and raised with the right people.

What skills did you gain?

I picked up a number of skills that I continuously used as I was working there. One of the key things that I learnt was planning and the theory that goes into planning: how to develop a scheme that goes all the way from inception to completion.

How did your achievement impact on the organization?

I would say I had two key achievements. The first was it was really good for the company to have someone with an outside way of thinking, because I wasn’t necessarily used to the industry-standard way of thinking about these things I was sometimes asking fairly basic questions and it was good for them to go back to the more initial stages and think about what they were doing from another angle.

Another thing I did was I streamlined the process of paperwork management. Because we had a large public sector client we were getting everything signed off at every stage that funds could be released for projects to go to completion. I developed a tracking method of improving that system.