Energy company internship video transcript

This is the video transcript for Simon Lee’s interview about his energy company internship on the student profiles page.

Energy company internship

Hi my name is Simon Lee, I’m a third year civil engineer and I spent twelve weeks with a leading energy company.

Describe your work

My official title was a commercial analyst and my day-to-day work would be to sit down, develop the model and continuously improve it so it’s literate to everyone in the office, ranging from IT right through to commercial analyzing, through to smart energy savings.

What skills did you bring to the organization?

They key skill that I brought to the organization was IT, and in particular modeling – doing an excel model, because what happened was that at the time at the organization it was actually quite a scarce skill and resource within the organization and I just came in time to help out.

What skills did you gain?

One of the key skills that I gained was commercial awareness, in terms of what happens in the industry and how everything comes together. I think that is a very valuable insight I got off the company. Another one was getting that numeracy skill and also the problem-solving side of things – it was literally like Business School 101, I was given a problem, I solved it and I delivered a solution.

How did your achievement impact on the organization?

My main achievement in the role was creating a cost-saving model which saved around £1.3 million per quarter for the retail business.