Environmental research internship video transcript

This is the video transcript for Jamie Rogers’s interview about his environmental research internship on the student profiles page. 

Environmental research internship

Hello my name is Jamie Rogers and I’m a third year environmental science student. Last year I took part in a year-long internship in an environmental resource base research company in the United States.

Describe your work

My general job title was a Research Assistant. This ranged from doing general lab analysis to more complex data analysis tasks.

What skills did you bring to the organization? 

I applied my research and analytical skills I had developed at university. But also some more personal skills that I had used were communication skills, both written and verbal, to communicate between departments and also regulatory bodies, mining organizations that we were involved with in our research.

What skills did you gain?

Organizational skills were a big part of my internship. Working to deadlines is always a big part of the real world and I definitely achieved that. Networking, using things like social networking but also more general networking between departments. 

How did your achievement impact on the organization?

I took part in lots of projects that I was very proud of. But my largest project was creating a new environmental education website that was based on educating people about invasive species. Definitely the biggest achievement for me was when I got to hear the feedback coming from the public about the uses of the website; they had got much better use of the website, and also the number of people using it had increased rapidly since my changes.