Advertising Vacancies (infographic transcript)

This is the transcript of the infographic, 'Tips for advertising on Careers Connect'.

Over 1000 vacancies are advertised on Careers Connect at any given time. What makes a great advert?

An accurate job title

Catch attention with an attractive title. Make sure the title makes sense to people outside your organisation.

A clear and concise job description

You do not have to include a complete job description in your advert but include the highlights. Use the first few lines to grab the reader's attention. Punctuation determines how the advert is displayed to students in job alert emails so make sure you proof-read.

You can attach supporting documents to avoid the advert becoming too lengthy.

A realistic person specification

Be clear about who you are targeting. Describe the skills, attributes and qualifications your ideal candidate will hold. Choose your words and tone carefully.

Location details

Sell the location of the opportunity rather than stating where the company is based. Information about the surrounding area can be helpful too, i.e. nearby cities and transportation links.

Salary and rewards

Promote the benefits and perks of working for your company. What makes this role and your company stand out from the rest? Students are more likely to apply if you state the salary rather than write "competitive".

Clear application instructions 

Provide resources for more information. Make it clear where and how to submit their application. Make sure your links are working properly and email addresses are correctly typed.